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End of Season Parent Survey

Please take a minute to tell us how we are doing. We've already received some feedback but we'd like to hear from everyone.  Click here to complete the survey.

posted 05/19/2019
Post Season Tournament Brackets

End of season tournament brackets for the ML, NL, AL, CP, and softball tournaments are posted at the links below.  Please come out and support the kids as they finish up the season.
Major League Tournament Bracket
National League Tournament Bracket
American League Tournament Bracket
Coach Pitch Tournament Bracket

posted 05/16/2019
Lightning / Inclement Weather Protocol

During games on Saturday, May 4th and Saturday May 11th the Thor Guard weather system installed at Randolph Park went off due to thunder and lightning in the area.  There was confusion amongst coaches, umpires, players, and fans.  Therefore, here is the protocol to follow whenever the alarm is blown:

1. When the Thor Guard horn sounds for 15 consecutive seconds all parties are to leave all fields and seek shelter.  Preferably everyone should return to their vehicle and await further instructions.  Do not leave the parking lot because we will try to continue games or practices once the system gives the all clear signal.

2. Subsequently, 3 five second blasts from the Thor Guard system indicates ALL CLEAR and it is safe to return to field.

3. During these two timeframes,  the strobe light on top of the concession stand/station will remain illuminated and will not stop until ALL CLEAR is established by system.

by posted 05/06/2019
Live Streaming - Watch Games Here!

by posted 04/05/2019
Spoons Food Truck Promotion

WHAT: FREE Kids Bowl (Lil SPOON). No gimmicks or additional purchase required. 1 per game day. / WHEN: MPTLL 2019 SPRING Baseball & Softball Season. (Opening Day March 30 - June 1, 2019). / WHO: Any MPTLL Athlete that has the 2019 SPOONS Diamond or logo on their jersey’s sleeve/chest. Learn more here: https://www.spoons.com/baseball

by posted 03/30/2019
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Field Status
01. Independence Park - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
02. Bissell Field - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
03. Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
04. Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
05. Field 11 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
06. Field 12 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
07. Founders - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
08. Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
09. Keith Field - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
10. Wade - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
12. Naomi Drennan - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
13. TBall 1 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
14. TBall 2 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
15. TBall 3 - Charlotte OPEN (5/27) 
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